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BrandElixir isn’t the branding and marketing firm you’re expecting. We go further than others to not just improve your image, but to develop a strategic plan for your long-term success. We do this by bridging the gap between you and the community, starting conversations and building relationships.

We begin by having a conversation with you and determining what you feel makes your brand valuable. Our team of consultants then analyze your industry, competition and key trends to develop the strategy, messaging and creative assets to bring your image to the next level. The insight gained from this process helps us build an authentic, honest brand foundation that you can stand behind and deliver on, and that engages your audience. While most firms would stop there, we do so much more.

By leveraging the latest technology and social marketing methods, we connect you with the community because, if you think about it, the community is where your customers and potential customers are. BrandElixir capitalizes on the innate human desire to connect with and respond to likeminded people. Our team of strategists, designers, developers and marketing experts know how to combine that human connection with dynamic brand development, creating the perfect recipe for real, measurable results.

1. Marketing Strategy
2. Creative Development
3. Production and Engagement
4. Delivery and Measurement

1. Brand Development
2. Social Media
3. Content Marketing
4. Public Relations
5. Event Marketing
6. Consulting